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 Rebirth of Sunrise

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Tiras White
Tiras White

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PostSubject: Rebirth of Sunrise   Sun May 06, 2012 7:49 pm

Rebirth of Sunrise.

Chapter 1. Intro.

I felt cold.... incredibly cold and lonely... Where was I? Why was I here? What is going on?
Slowly I managed to lift my heavy eyelids, but instead of sun, I saw dark alleyway with lots of junk around it. My body was heavy and it ached in some places. I sat up and looked around myself, but the scenery didn’t change. There was a lot of junk all around the alleyway and pretty much that was it.
- What am I doing here?
I looked around once more and noticed I have a bag on shoulders. I slowly took it off as my body was still aching a little. I opened backpack and found a little bit of food, bottle of water and a duel disk with deck in it.
- I wonder who put them in here?
I put everything back and put bag on my shoulders again. I carefully stood up and then realization hit me like a lighting in blue sky.
- I don’t remember anything!
I don’t know how is it possible but I don’t have any images in my mind. All I have is this alleyway. I don’t even know my own name. How is that even possible?! How can a person not even remember it’s name?!
I almost started to panic, but somehow I managed to pull myself together. I have to move. If I stand here nothing will happen. I can’t just wait that miraculously my memories will return. I have to go and get new memories if I can’t remember old ones.
I started walking out of alleyway and it didn’t take long to get on a bigger road. However, scenery didn’t change much. It was still junk all around and the buildings were in such state that it looked like if I touch it, it’ll simply fall apart.
Slowly I walked further into this jungle of junk. I looked around on each step because I got the weirdest feeling that someone is watching me. And I was right. I saw as a bunch of bad-dressed men surrounded me while hissing some weird sound which I guess was their laugh. They were all different ages and sizes, some looked like teens but some could be almost called old. However, there was feature that each of these men had. Yellow markings on the face.
- The birdy flew right into our trap!

If you enjoyed this short intro of story then you may come to Advanced Duel Academy and enjoy more of this story right here!

You always have a choice. Problem is can you make the right one?

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PostSubject: Re: Rebirth of Sunrise   Sun May 06, 2012 8:02 pm

ppl go read that story it's awesome !!!

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Rebirth of Sunrise
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