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 Testing rules

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PostSubject: Testing rules   Mon Mar 12, 2012 2:25 pm

The following rules applies to all testers! Testers are to use at least 1 of these 2 forms of test results, using both is also an option.

Testing System (Analytical) :
Introduction (optional; no strict standards for this paragraph)

List Deck 1 (Tester's Deck vs Testee's deck; e.g. 6 Sam XYZ vs Wind-Up Inzectors)

List Deck 2 (e.g. Decree Inzectors vs Bubbleman XYZ)

List Deck 3 (e.g. Zombie XYZ vs Darkworld)

Description of Duel 1 (at least 1 paragraph)
Description of Duel 2 (at least 1 paragraph)
Description of Duel 3 (at least 1 paragraph)

Criticism and Conclusion (at least 1 paragraph)
Dorms are decided on Tester's judgement.

Testing System (Math Model) :


[u]*Deck Construction:[/u]
1)50+ cards in deck, shows little to no understanding of engines, random cards, shows beginner traits

2)45+ cards in deck, shows little understanding of engines, uses a quantity of cards that are simply no good, shows intermediate traits

3)Above 40 cards in deck, shows a decent understanding of engines; has a mediocre lineup of monsters, spells, and traps in relation to the theme of deck, shows mediocre/ordinary traits.

4)Has 40 cards in deck, shows a pretty good understanding of engines; has a pretty good lineup of monsters, spells, and traps in relation to the theme of deck, shows expert traits.

5)Has 40 cards in deck, shows an excellent understanding of engines; has an excellent lineup all around in relation to the theme of the deck; shows unique and extraordinary traits.

1)Wastes cards, plays recklessly, frequent misplays, plays without understanding the reason behind plays

2)Occasional reckless playstyle, occasional misplays, plays without understanding reason behind plays, ignores strategic thought, occasionally wastes cards

3)occasionally wastes cards, uses mediocre tactics, has a mediocre playstyle

4)rarely wastes cards without reason to, uses decent tactics, decent playstyle,

5)only wastes cards unless forced to, uses excellent tactics for pure benefit, shows an experienced veteran playstyle.

1.)shows little to no knowledge of basic concepts from rulebook

2.)Understands basic gameplay, struggles with understanding intermediate gameplay (such as game mechanics and summoning mechanics.)

3.)Understands basic and intermediate gameplay, however does show trouble in understanding advanced gameplay (the mechanics of types of cards, i.e. counter traps, field spells, ignition, trigger, etc.)

4.)Understands basic, intermediate, and advanced gameplay, however does show struggles in understanding Expert game mechanics (such as the concepts of "missing the timing, maintenance costs, breakdown of the battle phase, breakdown of the damage step, priority, etc.)

5.)Understands all levels of game play and is up to date with current judge issues.

1.)shows novice deck construction, shows limited play styles (uses 1-3 archtypes only)

2.)shows intermediate deck construction

3.)shows mediocre deck construction, uses carbon-copied decks as competitive edge

4.)shows expert deck construction, shows slight individuality in successful decks

5.)shows brilliant deck construction; shows unique individuality in not only successful decks, but underused decks as well

From that you'll get a rank, 1 - 2 - 3 ( 1 being the lowest and 3 being the highest ), with that rank you can go to any dorm, except the Elite dorm.
The Dorm is chosen by the testee that was tested by the tester.

The test consists of 3 games, both the player being tested and tester must use 3 different decks--it is highly recommended to use different archtypes.

Also banned decks include: Burn/Any forms of instant win (exodia etc.)/Stall/ Mill/FTK

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Testing rules
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